t all started with pizza.

Hiya! Most of you probably know me from days of yore, but if you're new around here, well, so am I! This time, anyway. My name is Kari and I'll be your blog-master for all of time. When I decided to start our Friend Spotlight series, I thought it only made sense that I introduce myself first. I am the Marketing Director at Brighton Market, so I am the voice behind your Facebook menus, eClub messages, postcards, and silly hats. And if you are wondering about the title "Friend Spotlight"...have you noticed that all of our contact forms direct to "your friends" at brightonmarket.com? I want to be your friend, for real!

I first got involved with the Market as a wee lass of 17 who had just graduated high school and had no real work experience. I was college bound for sure, but I didn't have a job to keep me occupied until that happened. As a near-lifetime resident of "the neighborhood" as we say, I was very familiar with the most amazing pizza I had ever laid eyes on (and didn't have to drive for) at Brighton Market. So I went to order a pizza, and came back with a job. The pizza was just a bonus.

After spending years as a cashier, I started doing a bit of everything around the Market, getting to know lots of your faces and some of your names. Along the way, I acquired an Associate of Arts degree in Photography from Washtenaw Community College and started taking product photos for showcase on the - at the time - fancy new registers and occasionally on Facebook and Twitter.

I sadly parted ways with the Market in 2016 for a series of slightly less fulfilling jobs, and in that same year decided to pursue further education. This further education lead me to a homecoming in December 2018, and I'm back, baby! I will be graduating from Cleary University in May of this year with a Bachelor's in Event Marketing and Promotion. I'm so honored to be able to use my knowledge and previous experience at the Market to help grow the business beyond the amazing community we already have, and it is my mission as Marketing Director to involve our friends, fans, and neighbors in everything that we do, including continuing to provide amazing customer service to all of you!

If there is ever anything I can do for my friends, don't be shy! Reach out - I love hearing your feedback and ideas!

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!